Free calls (Crack Head style)

A DIY project claiming Free mobile calls. Zain was mentioned this title, so not sure if it will work with Wataniya and Viva.

Maybe he’s right since he burnt the SIM card! Check video on youtube


3 Responses to Free calls (Crack Head style)

  1. Hamad says:

    thank u 4 kill our business 😛 we need someone to try if it realy works?!

  2. James says:

    lol at crackhead comment

  3. […] 360Dewan had a link to a video (below) that looks like it was shot in Kuwait where the person in the video wraps aluminum foil around the sim card and then heats its up? That looked like total bullshit to me and no way on earth it would work if anything you would most probably damage your sim card trying that. […]

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