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Last week my friend Fahad suggested that we go have breakfast at a restaurant called “The Early Bird” located in Fahaheel near the Koot Mall (see map), I don’t know how he found this place but it’s very cozy and small (maybe a 5X6 msq) it has about 4 to 6 tables, the staff is very friendly led by the owner here self Ms. Bianca from LA, the atmosphere is nice and the food is delicious.

The Interior

I guess the business case for this restaurant was targeting expatriates like school teachers and soldiers as my friend Naser mentioned but it picked up very well with a variety of customers since its opening back in March of 2008. I strongly recommend you visit The Early Bird I’ve been there 3 times already. Keep in mind they only serve breakfast.

Opening times are from 5 AM till 3 PM.

Opens 6 days a week and closes on Sunday

On weekends the place is packed so call them for reservations on # 23925814. also check out The Early Bird web-site

PS: once your there you can get a free slice of Banana bread if you mentioned that you found out about the restaurant from this Blog, the Banana bread are free until the end of July 2009


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  1. itsallg000d says:

    Yes, it is nice place. I liked it. I ordered waffles with chocolate sauce, but the pancakes (with blueberry sauce) that my friend got were amazing … Highly recommended!

    Also, it worth mentioned that the atmosphere was friendly and very nice. Like, you will not get that nonsense staring from other dinners. Everyone was enjoying the food and company 

  2. Fahad says:

    I’m glad someone liked the blueberry sauce, unlike some other people I know!….Glad you enjoyed it.

  3. Spikey says:

    Just been there today.

    Although it is small, the food there is amazing. I always wanted American pan cakes, it hard to find people who do them well here.

    Also got us some old time cheese omelet hash brown and bacon.

    Over all I will give it 9/10

    (1 point for the location, took me ages to find)

    • khalid18881 says:

      Did you check the offer? They should have given you the banana bread for free 😉 if you have told them you came through us 🙂

  4. Nadia says:

    I got lost when I reached the area, the location is not easy to access…
    It is cozy and people there are nice and friendly, we had omelets and pancakes, you feel like having meals at home, healthy contents not like other restaurants… And got the free banana slices..

    • 360dewan says:

      Hay Nadia i’m gald u found it & liked it, ur the first one who benifited from our offer 😀
      Stay bloged we will annunce new offers soon inshallah

  5. itsallg000d says:

    Yes! the direction is not friendly for Fahaheel first timer. Good you got there 🙂

    Bil3afiyaaa 🙂

  6. vondervall says:

    i’m gone try that place, sounds like its worth it

    • brownsuger says:

      please when you go and try it write a feedback and let us know your experince 🙂

  7. Samuel says:

    Amazing suggestion. We ate there this morning and had a great time. The food was almost as good as the conversation.

    I had the biscuits and gravy, and while not exactly like home, it’s the closest I have came to it. The very best version I have ever had that didn’t have pork sausage in the gravy. Those blueberry pancakes were awesome too. Thanks for not being able to finish all the food you ordered!

    I found the prices very good for the quality of food, and actually expected it to cost a little more.

    The service was awesome and I happened to see some more people I know there. Definitely an awesome restaurant, that’s for sure!

    The location is probably the worst part, but even that isn’t bad. Once you find it the first time it’s easy to get back.

    I’d recommend this to everyone and I plan on taking a couple of more friends back on Friday!

  8. Hasnaa says:

    I have been there today. It is such a nice place. The food was GREAT and the service was good. I was so impressed with the types of food they have. It kinda reminded me of the food that you can have in waffle house back in the States. It’s definitely a place that I will visit again!

    Thank you for suggesting it today :).

  9. exzombie says:

    I was with them last friday..

    as I said there, EB has a cozy and comfortable setting, friendly people and staff.. the food was great, I had the beacon and eggs with mashed potato and crisp beacon..the mashed potato was amazing.. actually change it to the best mashed potato I had in Kuwait! the beacon was just the way I like it, the beacon and eggs was remarkable, the food comes in large portions, which mean that when you exit the EB you’ll only think in returning back to bed and sleep it away!
    I snatched a couple of wedges and it was top notch.

    EB now is a must every friday!

    the negative side to it as most covered is the location and limited seatings, it’s a shame to drive all the way from Kuwait city only to find it a full house, but then again, who would return back without eating at the Early Bird!

    I would suggest relocating and increase the numbers of seats, the EB has the potential to out rank other breakfast restaurants.

    good luck and good food

    p.s. the conversation as said by Samuel was also great, and look forward to repeat it again.. does friday sounds OK people?

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