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Just heard of it! It’s located in Shaab Al-Bahri. According to their website, the menu consists of variety of choices inspired by different cuisines all over the world.


Also, noticed Kuwaiti chef Adela Al-Sharhan mentioned as sort of consultant to their team. Here’s The Kitchen website


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  1. mangoo911 says:

    I believe it was the worst burger in my life !!!!

  2. qurtas says:

    An order was made yesterday from the kitchen,
    The food was appalling:

    * Soup was too salty.
    * Side dishes not so great (mashed potatoes and pepperoni slices).
    * Burgers where very badly cooked.
    * Main dishes: Chicken stew was fine.
    Meat stroganoff and pasta VERY BAD.
    * Dessert: Oreo cheesecake (I think not) more like coconut cheesecake.

    Prices where way too high for the small portions they delivered

    The positive thing i can say about the place is the presentation of the food was good.

  3. Itsallg000d says:

    Yeah agreed! I did not like the food. The pasta sauce was watery and the meat “steak” was very tough that two guys could not cut it (they were using forks and spoons) unfortunately we did not had knife.

    Speaking about knife, they should have brought plastic sets forks, knives, … etc since the food is more home cooking style than fast food!
    After all, we enjoyed the company yesterday 🙂

  4. khalid18881 says:

    Where do i start on how bad the food was in The Kitchen was:
    1.The Wild Mushroom soup was really salty
    2.The Classic Burger was bloody and had some inedible chuncks which i had to spit out :(.
    3.The Pepperoni slices where like eating salty rubber.
    4.The Pasta was really watery and had no taste, didnt bother eat the meat that was on top of it as i saw both of my friends trying so hard to cut it which unfortunately they couldn’t!
    5.The Oreo cheese cake was really bad it tasted nothing like a cheese cake should, it had soury chunks of coconut that didn’t mix well with the whole cake.

  5. Foodtalk says:

    based on the comments posted, i did have a try.
    I made sure i was on the safe side so didnt order much.
    The beef burger was not that great as expected.
    The veal milanese was great … never had made this good, same goes for Oreo cheesecake.

  6. Foodtalk says:

    Did u know these kitchen guys have a Customer feedback thing, where they called me a while after I ordered to cross check if i had an issue with the food.
    Strange but hats off to them. On of a kind seen in food business in kuwait.

  7. Itsallg000d says:

    Yep! One of our friends got call from them. they were very friendly. I really admire them for such good customer service. We need this kind of service and customer understanding in Kuwait … Man I miss the US for being pioneers in this field 🙂

  8. Masoud says:

    Im going to have to disagree with some of the comments made, I actually ordered and really enjoyed the food. It was fresh and it did feel like home cooking. The prices are not on the cheap side, but thats understandable given the quality was good. The food took about 60 mins to arrive which I felt was a bit too long, but thats kind of understandable given the increasing car traffic in this country which is affecting all of us.

    I really enjoyed the customer feedback, I was never called by any resturant before asking me for my opinion. Well done.
    Will I order again… yes

  9. Itsallg000d says:

    Gr8 2 hear that Masoud 🙂 out of interest what did u order?

  10. Masoud says:


    I ordered some of the roast items like the portuguese chicken and the roasted duck. I also ordered the portobello mushrooms from the grills, lasagna from the pasta section and finally from the desserts I ordered chubby balls.

  11. khalid18881 says:

    Guys stay clear from that burger i still have nightmares of it 😛 lol

  12. Foodtalk says:

    Hey Masoud,
    I have ordered the Roast duck today … hope it wud taste great just like the Veal Milanese.

    And i am in for the challenge … I have ordered the Beef Burger. Need to see wats the gags on it.
    I have also ordered a dessert called Italian Triangles. Sound very mafia …hehehehe:).

    Fingers crossed guys ….

  13. ahmddahr says:

    Unique is wat i cud term The kitchen.

    I have been a lover of gourmet food for quite a while, and trust me guys . these people have done a wonderful job. I wonder if they have dine in too. could tk my gf for a candle night dinner.
    Price wise I feel they have priced it rite, its high end gourmet food afterall.

    Inshallah ..after all ” beauty lies in the eye of the beholder”

  14. mrdirector80 says:


    I have to respond by saying that expensive food does not equal tasty all the time.

    I have seen gourmet restaurants go out of business as a result (in and out of Kuwait…some deserved it, some didn’t). There was one gourmet restaurant that went out of business here… unfortunate. It was the best and could have rivaled any of the current restaurants here.

    As for the current prices, it is wise they increase the amount of food a bit for each dish…..or decrease the prices.

    As for delivery, by the time the food arrived, it was getting cold. They need to get that organised.

    Reconsideration shuld be nade to some items they have, maybe even add new dishes as well.

    Unfortunately, no dine in available, so no candle night dinners 😦

  15. Masoud says:

    Guys, im going to try out the burger tonight and l let you know what i think by the morning..

  16. foodtalk says:

    Hey guys,

    I have to say No to khalid, as the Classic Beef Burger was very good… I have no complaints.
    They did ask me the way i want my meat ( Medium Rare )and they did exactly how i wanted it.

    It arrived warm and packed comfortably.

    I have just promoted beef burger top in my list for the next buy from the kitchen.

    Chao guys.

  17. ahmddahr says:

    No Dine in ??
    Hmmm …. these guys could fetch a good number of customers if they have a good dine in facility. I will surely suggest it when I make my lunch order for today.

  18. khalid18881 says:

    I have a feeling that whoever is defending this restaurant is related to this restaurant because out of all the people that i know who bought from this restaurants said the same things to me on how bad it was i challenge anyone to eat the same crappy burger i ate infront of me and say its delicious and swallow that chunks of unchewable fat! there were even @#$%ing veins in the burger!!!! Oh The HORROR i am scared for life I will never go close to that freaking burger!! they should change its name to HORROR BURGER and should have a slogon “Burger from HELL, we will scar you for life”

  19. khalid18881 says:

    First of all I would like to state that I have nothing against The Kitchen or its owners, all I care about is to give an honest review on any restaurant I try so that people could get true information on the restaurants than something being marketed(tricked)!!

    I was a bit suspicous on the comments of Foodtalk, Masoud & ahmaddahr

    Being an adminstrator of this Blog I went and investigated the comments and it turned out that All three are the same person they all had the same IP address!!!

    Shame on you!

    We respect honest people’s comments but not this way trying to trick people by using three different names on the same IP!!!

    So whoever is reading this should ignore any comments coming from:
    Foodtalk, Masoud & ahmaddahr

  20. khalid18881 says:

    LOL rather than fixing up their crappy food they sink to the level of using 3 different accounts on the same IP Fanboyism at its best ROFL

  21. Itsallg000d says:

    With all respect taste buds, the best way to find out if this burger is good or bad to bench market against other places in Kuwait The burger hub, slider station, the burger boutique … etc Personally (our of experience) it’s like compare Michael Jackson’s thriller to Egyptian singer Shaaban Abdulraheem (haaaaaaaay songs)

    This comment should not be taken negatively, but rather step toward perfection!

    As said before, the kitchen guys have already shown unique example in customers service and being good sport in taking criticism. Wish all the best 🙂

  22. Masoud says:

    Khalid dont make any comments like that unless your 100 % sure. Accusing people of lieing is rude. My office is in the IO centers. I got to know about the kitchen through one of their staff members droping in a menu at my door.

    Im sure if they did that then they must of given other menus to other offices in the IO centers.

    Every office in the IO centers is occupied by a different company. So that could be the reason why your getting similar IP addresses ?

    All the internet is provided by IO Centers to all their occupants.

    Maybe your getting comments from other IO centers occupants?

    I dont know who are the owners of the Kitchen and I really dont really care, speaking for myself I gave my opinion of what I thought.

    I respect the work and effort your doing Khalid but I didnt like the comments you made on me.

  23. foodtalk says:

    If you dont encourage comments I can understand. But making alligations on me is not right, and i am sure you personally wouldnt like it.

    There are around 65 office, under IO Centers, and a minimum of 4 staff per office, from which anyone other person, just like me could have send a comment about the kitchen.

    Neither need I to lie nor I need to discourage anyone else in the comments they have made.

    I commented on what i felt was right.

  24. khalid18881 says:

    If what all you say is true which I hope sincerely then I take back everything i said about you guys and inshallah its your honest opinion, mind my accusations, me and a couple of guys were just suspicious on the way you guys talked about the food.

  25. itsallg000d says:

    After all, I think everyone here respect others opinions and views! Comments on any topic are appreciated. The purpose of any post is to have personal honest positive feedback to allow the concerns develop and enhance their businesses and be creative 🙂

    With love,

  26. eneri aveler says:

    i just want to thank all the the opinions and comments you all sent for and by,the way thanks for the snapshots you guys took at our place, i’m just lucky i diid’nt let you come inside because i told you i’ts not allowed,am i right?your comments will guide us through to be more better ,i know we can not please everyone,anyway, GOD BLESS to each and everyone.,by the way ,i’m one of the chefs working in”the kitchen”

    • brownsuger says:

      Eneri Aveler,
      Thank you for your follow up and your feedback came just in time. We (360Dewan) wish you luck. We wrote about The Kitchen very honestly and wish you take our comments welcomingly. I trust that our comments will be helpful to you.

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