BMW X6 M Coming soon


Last year BMW introduced the X6 a very fine looking Sport Activity Coupé vehicle.
There is the 6 cylinder 300 Hp engine (KD 22,000) and the 8 cylinder 400 Hp engine (KD 26,000).
Just learned from Ali AL-Ghaniem that the X6 M will be in Kuwait late October it’s a 8 cylinder 555 Hp engine the price will be equal or between KD 36,000 to 40,000. The car is amazing but very pricey even maintenance is expensive. I took the 6 cylinder X6 for a test drive it’s really great and smooth.

3 Responses to BMW X6 M Coming soon

  1. IT-Girl says:

    Ooh god i love racing cars… 7elmi al wa7eed 😦
    to drive it in a racing .. but i know NO WAY in kuwait !!!!!!!!!

    • brownsuger says:

      Hey It-Girl i’m so in love with the BMW X6 if you like you can go to the dealer 4 a test drive but take the 8 cylinder and do a quick race with it 😉
      you can always go 2 Bahrain to the racing track and give it a shot

  2. itsallg000d says:

    IT-Girl … Nothing impossible after all! I remember in late 90s or early Y2K girls found driving Nissan Zx 300 in 3arthiya. They were doing all guys stuff like speeding, drifting … etc they were covering their faces with shimaak “men scarf” it was really strange back then, but they did it. but you need to be careful 🙂

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