Yokoso Japan!

Yokoso Japan!
Everybody now are planning for their summer vacation, this year we have few choices than the years before – because of the swine flu epidemic – one place not effect a lot and very safe to go is Japan ( the land of the rising sun). I’ve been there in 2007, I must say it’s like I have left the planet to another one. People are extremity nice, Japan is a very clean and safe place and it’s well organized.
There are verities of tourist attractions and the people speak English so don’t worry.
If you would like to visit Japan but don’t know where to go or what to do there is an official web-site (http://www.japandeluxetour.com/) that contains a lot of tours the best one is the Grand Tour check it out and I hope you have a wonderful experience like I had
PS: Yokoso Japan means “welcome to Japan”


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