Confessions of a MBA Wannabe (MBA Dream : GMAT Nightmare)

June 10, 2009

The Best MBA SchoolsToday’s youth in Kuwait aspire to become more “unique” and hope to land their dream jobs, making millions, and getting a MBA degree is presumably the way to go (as I heard someone saying that it’s the “It factor”, corny to say the least). But dreams are harder realize than one might imagine, because before you can even be considered as a candidate, you have to get a relatively good score on your GMAT (relative to the school your hoping to get into), and I found, the hard way of course, that getting the right prep course is very important to succeed.
I tried the Manhattan GMAT online course a while back , the instructors are knowledgeable and experienced, the syllabus is comprehensive and concise and the study material is fantastic, if I say so myself (however, I gave the books to someone), and unlike the courses that are offered in Kuwait that are mediocre and purely commercial.

And good luck with your applications, start with your preparations early (now would be a good time, as deadlines are usually in March) because it takes a lot of time to compile all of the requirements.

Why so serious – go to Virgin Mega Store and – let’s put a smile on that face

June 10, 2009

I was wondering around the Marina mall and I stepped in the Virgin Mega store. I found some new and cool merchandise. There was some old fashion lunch box’s that took me to the 90’s there are so classic. Also, there are two 7 feet tall figure of Batman and the Joker (R.I.P.) they sell for KD 694 (whoever buys them tell me I’m a big fan). Must say there is a lot of security in the store I guess they are worried from theft and they really should. Check out some of the pictures I’ve taking. its worth going and seeing there are a lot of action figures.

Action Figures

This magnetic sticker should be band and the store should be sued for selling it

not true

I bought the superman key medallion

CoOOl medallion

Shawirma stand on the run

June 10, 2009


One of my friends send me this picture he took in Salmiya of a shawirma stand in the back seat of this Jeep !??!
I hope nobody eats from it

Mission Food Glorious Food!

June 10, 2009


I am on a mission to find the best places in Kuwait to eat let it be gourmet food or simply fast food i will try everything “gulp” so if anyone knows of good places in Kuwait comment and I will try my best to review as much restaurants as I can.

Hummer fans… your hearts out!!!

June 10, 2009

Knight_XV VS Hammer H2

The name…..Knight XV….kind of sends a chill down your spine!

Here is the information from one of the web sites:

Get a load of the Knight XV ($295,000). Inspired by the Gurkha military vehicle, this handcrafted, fully armored luxury SUV is decked out inside and out. Powered by a Bio-fuel V10 (good for 400 hp and 498-ft lbs of torque), the XV features Wilton Wool carpeting, Andrew Muirhead leather, 6-way seating, tandem sunroof glass with privacy shades, side-mounted laptop stations, LED cabin lighting, an Alpine DVD navigation and Bluetooth setup, TVs, night vision and rear op camera system, and a PlayStation 3. Only 100 of the vehicles will initially be available, with each taking 1,500 hours to hand-build.

Addictive Daily Game

June 10, 2009

If your bored and got nothing better to do try this out its pretty addictive , you create your own character on this site and just have fun fighting it out click on—> Khalid18881


June 10, 2009

I received this e-mail, and although I don’t order drinks from them, I am still outraged at the way prices are issued here in Kuwait. It’s ludicrous!

The left receipt is the New York branch, while the right is Kuwait branch. Notice the the price difference of the same order (tall hot chocolate). So how much of a difference is there in price? According to the popular online currency site, it costs 900 fils for a tall hot chocolate in New York, and 1.500 KD for the same order in Kuwait. That makes the Starbucks in Kuwait 60% more expensive than America……for shame!

The receipt was posted on 248am.