Confessions of a MBA Wannabe (MBA Dream : GMAT Nightmare)

The Best MBA SchoolsToday’s youth in Kuwait aspire to become more “unique” and hope to land their dream jobs, making millions, and getting a MBA degree is presumably the way to go (as I heard someone saying that it’s the “It factor”, corny to say the least). But dreams are harder realize than one might imagine, because before you can even be considered as a candidate, you have to get a relatively good score on your GMAT (relative to the school your hoping to get into), and I found, the hard way of course, that getting the right prep course is very important to succeed.
I tried the Manhattan GMAT online course a while back , the instructors are knowledgeable and experienced, the syllabus is comprehensive and concise and the study material is fantastic, if I say so myself (however, I gave the books to someone), and unlike the courses that are offered in Kuwait that are mediocre and purely commercial.

And good luck with your applications, start with your preparations early (now would be a good time, as deadlines are usually in March) because it takes a lot of time to compile all of the requirements.


3 Responses to Confessions of a MBA Wannabe (MBA Dream : GMAT Nightmare)

  1. Clara says:

    The Manhattan GMAT provides substantially good courses.

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    • Hernandez Collins says:

      Now we can’t say it a nightmare. With this quality link to attain an online MBA degree, I am fully convinced.

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