Mission Food Glorious Food!


I am on a mission to find the best places in Kuwait to eat let it be gourmet food or simply fast food i will try everything “gulp” so if anyone knows of good places in Kuwait comment and I will try my best to review as much restaurants as I can.


4 Responses to Mission Food Glorious Food!

  1. MorningGlory says:

    i wonder if anyone will ever open a good gourmet filipino restaurant… its about time kuwait considers it.

  2. MorningGlory says:

    filipino cuisine encompasses chinese, malaysian, spanish and mexican dishes among other things… they cant go wrong…

    • itsallg000d says:

      Nothing impossible! it all about how it would be presented to locals. Sometime the food itself need to customize in away suited to locals! I remember watching pogrom about opening new restaurants; the chef was Masaharu Morimoto (one of the Iron chefs). He had to customize his authentic Japanese menu to suite Americans tests!

  3. brownsuger says:

    Anything yet Khalid18881

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