Shaiekh Saad AirPort (VIP Air Port)

I woke up on a Saturday morning and decided to go check out the new Airport “Shaiekh Saad Airport” also known as VIP airport. It’s next to Kuwait International Airport (KWI), but to get there you have to ride the merry go round, you actually pass the area of the airport then make a huge U turn to go back. The air carriers who operates there are mainly the Wataniya airways and privet jets.   

The atmosphere inside the building is comfortable. While I was there I didn’t experience any crowds it’s almost empty yet relaxing, there is a coffee shop and a mini market. The place is so clean and the service is excellent, they actually take your luggage from the car stop in fort of the main entrance. Check out some pictures I took.


2 Responses to Shaiekh Saad AirPort (VIP Air Port)

  1. itsallg000d says:

    I like those couches … it’s like Dasman or pearls halls in Kuwait airport. R those reserved for some people (i,e business or first class) or anyone?

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