Heard of Koogle!

June 15, 2009


It‘s basically A kosher version of Google called Koogle, has been developed in Israel for Hebrew-speaking Orthodox Jews. Source

It is kosher that it blocks “omits” religiously prohibited contents (i,e sexually explicit materials) plus it has gained the Othodox rabbis approval

It’s funny that hacking/steeling names found very frequently in Middle East region! I remember noticing some one called his computers shop “Best buys KW” somewhere. So maybe it’s right when people say that Arabs and Jews are cousins!

Zain Kenya (Power of Colors)

June 15, 2009


Amazing colors matching! This picture was posted in Hussain Al-Qallaf Flickr page. He has lot of amazing pictures, but this one was special!

I remember one time; a friend told that how Zain colors would be appealing in specially Africa. Well I got to agree but hats off to Hussain Al-Qallaf

360 Kuwait Mall Opening end of July

June 15, 2009

Just had a phone call from a friend who works at Tamdeen real-estate telling that 360 Kuwait mall will be opining end of July 2009. I’ve learned from 248am web-site that the stores in the mall must be unique to open and that no other shop should be opened in Kuwait like it. Thats exciting news but I’m doubtful. Next month we will know.
the Mall sounds just like our blog :>

Update: just incase your wondering all the shops have been leased

8 meals per IE8

June 15, 2009



Microsoft is donating 8 meals per their new internet browser, Internet Explorer 8, completed download. The meals are donated to Feeding America Network. Source

I think it is nice step toward the hearts and to set good example of charity and technology.

What happens when you put the NBK & Boubyan Bank Together? bye bye KFH

June 15, 2009

I read great financial news today; the National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) has acquired about 27 33% of Boubyan Bank (BB) in a deal with Commercial Bank of Kuwait (CBK), making the NBK enter the world of Islamic financing. Of course this is bad news for Kuwait Financial House (KFH) who has stood as the only Islamic financial and banking organization in Kuwait and almost the GCC – with Dubai Islamic bank – for a very long time.
No question I’m moving to BB as soon as it’s official. Finally this puts an end to all the rumors.

Check out the story in Al-Qabas newspaper ( in Arabic)