8 meals per IE8



Microsoft is donating 8 meals per their new internet browser, Internet Explorer 8, completed download. The meals are donated to Feeding America Network. Source

I think it is nice step toward the hearts and to set good example of charity and technology.


2 Responses to 8 meals per IE8

  1. amyolson says:

    I agree. Everyone should just download IE 8 regardless of a browser preference. Feeding America’s hungry is more important than “browser wars”

    I found this video on IE 8 recently that explains some of its features its pretty good and made me laugh.

  2. Feran says:

    Hi, this is Feran with the Internet Explorer Outreach Team. Be sure to download IE8 from the Browser for the Better site in order for the equivalent of 8 meals to be donated to Feeding America – http://www.browserforthebetter.com?ocid=ie8_sm_a. Also at this site you can watch some humorous videos starring Dean Cain that warn about a variety of ‘browser-based conditions.’


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