Funny divorce case cause of 9/11 :)

A married man was at his girlfriend place when he should have been at work in the world trade center on the day of 9/11. not knowing what happen his wife called him and spoke to him in a panic “ARE YOU ALRIGHT!?” yes I’m at work why??? Need I say more?
look at the clipe of the paper that Published it.


4 Responses to Funny divorce case cause of 9/11 :)

  1. itsallg000d says:

    Yeah! no matter how smart you are, be careful. it was the end of a player 😛

  2. mrdirector80 says:

    The wife: Another slime ball….typical man!

    The husband: I’d like to thank my mistress for insisting on meeting up that morning!

    Me: Who gives a flying @#$%&, it’s another divorce case, and people will forget about it, and statistics show worldwide that……….oh boy! ice-cream!!

    In the end, the moral of the story: If you’re gonna cheat on your wife… the news!

    • brownsuger says:

      dude with all due respect but his mistress was good luck for him, its good that he divorced his wife but he should marry his gril friend and he will be forever lucky 😉

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