Germany vs Saudia Arabia

A German scientific TV Program called Galileo took on the challenge to disapprove the  Saudi road skating but with protective gear hehehe. Check out the video’s, they’re in german but you can understand whats going on.

Part 1:

Part 2:


4 Responses to Germany vs Saudia Arabia

  1. khalid18881 says:

    At the end Saudia Arabia 1 Germany 0

  2. itsallg000d says:

    Some need to get Arabiya interview with those skaters and send to this German TV program! I’ve watched that report on Al-Arabiya TV.

    Maybe, they grease their shoes bottoms with some material … but the German team put too much thinking that caused them to forgot about such simple secret!

  3. khalid18881 says:

    A german friend at work told me at the end of the show they said that its not fake and that its true

  4. ali says:

    it is true, hey forgot about the naidiya material, it can absorb the lubricant and be verryyyy slippery

    so its def. a true shot.

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