PQ Seafood Chowder


Yesterday, we had dinner in PQ Palms branch. It was very quiet, only two tables were taken. The reason was to try some of their new items and the seafood chowder soup. We had:

Seafood chowder soup (in bread bowl) — Excellent

Sweet corn chicken soup — Good

Shrimp salad — Very good

Pot roasted chicken — Good

Overall we liked everything, but would recommend the seafood chowder!

In previous post, I said “It’s just good memory of San Francisco”. Well! It was not a memory, but rather it had the spirit “fishiness” of San Francisco 🙂

The one in SF was very creamy (they use milk in it) but the PQ one did not have cream and was lighter.

*Note, you need to ask for the bread bowl. There will be 0.500 KWD charge.


3 Responses to PQ Seafood Chowder

  1. brownsuger says:

    where is it exactly ?

  2. itsallg000d says:

    Do you mean the soup? Hmm … I think its basis is fish stock “morooq el fish” and it has shrimp, fish, diced carrots and potato. off course, with other spices 🙂
    The in SF it’s based on cream and has potatoes and clams!

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