June 17, 2009

No, it’s not a question! It stands for the World Health Organization, part of the United Nations. In this site, you can find out the latest statistics and cases about most diseases affecting the world. Of them is the current menace worrying everyone- the swine flu. Here is a link to the case updates by country. Kuwait entered the list when 18 American soldiers were discovered to be infected with the virus. However, yesterday, 4 more cases were discovered….and the people infected are Kuwaiti citizens. The 4 are students studying in America. They must have come here for vacation.


Home Selection (HS)

June 17, 2009

Yesterday night when the dust was blowing I was spending my time caught in Al-Raya mall it was the first time I go into every store in the mall just to wait for the wind to calm down.
I entered a store called HS where they really had marvelous antiques and classic paces of art for the house hold. Check out the pictures below. The store also sells furniture, scents for the house and many more. Their slogan is “Home is where the heart is” will that’s right but I kind of understood it in my way :p