It’s an interactive living room environment reachable via internet where it simulates that you are in living room and all Al-Watan media types are available for you.

What can you do? You can read Al-Watan newspaper (Arabic), Al-Watan daily (English newspaper), and Newsweek magazine (Arabic). What I like about it they used flash (technology) to simulate how humans read those media types (flipping pages in landscape style). Also, they have what I would call airplane reading technique (portrait style)

Not only that, you can also watch Al-Watan TV live streaming. But what I would personally preferred that to display the live streaming via their living room LCD … just to give it the whole living room experience. Right now, once you click on the TV channel a windows media player screen will pop up.

Other features:

Page flipping sound


Slide show pages display

Next/back buttons

Laptop to link you newspapers websites



With that being said, it is really creative idea from Al-Watan team to be up to date with the available technologies … Keep up the good work


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