Crazy Father on Father’s Day

On the father days, a guy called Shay Carl posted this video on YouTube! The video is crazy and never funny. He played with his kids the JackAss way thinking it would be funny … yet it was dangerous.  


3 Responses to Crazy Father on Father’s Day

  1. brownsuger says:

    I know that guy thinks he got everything under control, but he’s a maniac!

  2. weeknds says:

    hatha maynoon
    wynhm 3anna ma yirf3oon 3lyh qa’6ya!!

  3. salah says:

    Ya jema3a 9allaw 3al nebey.

    This guy never meant any harm to his kids, and he never did!

    This guy does a vlogging (video blogging) and he does a lot of vlogging with his family. Don’t you see how his kids are enjoying what he is doing?

    What did he do in the video that made it look bad? In case you didn’t figure it out, he edited the video for the part where he threw the box on the wall. The box was empty.

    Chill out guys.

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