Tora Bora TV Series

Someone sent me mail about this new TV series, according to that mail it would be available in Ramadan. But not sure which channel.

Tora Bora is television series A heart breaking story of a father and his wife looking for their son in the mountains of Afghanistan

The pictures and trailer look amazing! The production company is called C Sky Pictures. The cofounder of this company and CEO (the director) is Walid Al-Awadi, award winning filmmaker.


2 Responses to Tora Bora TV Series

  1. brownsuger says:

    It looks like a great series if you get to know which channel will broadcast it tell me but I hope it will not get band like Mubarrak Alkabeer or Kabol

  2. itsallg000d says:

    Yeah … I’m not sure about banding! I checked the website of the production company but nothing mentioned about it. but they had its tailer posted in there you tube.

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