Engineering graduation project!

Today is the first day of engineering graduation projects
exhibition 2009/2010.

I attended the exhibition in Kaldia, there were large number of
projects which reached (for first time) to
Done by more than
of graduated students.

The ideas of the projects were very interesting; I recommend every
one to visit it tomorrow cz it’s the last day.

I Think “Mobile Mirrors” is the best project I ever seen
today 😉

(Hope u enjoy the pics)


9 Responses to Engineering graduation project!

  1. itsallg000d says:

    What are the Mobile Mirrors? It sounds interesting!

  2. brownsuger says:

    great post glean360 😉

  3. gleam360 says:

    itsallg000d: Mobile Mirrors is a mobile web server technology that provides services foru users by making the phone accessible via the internet so that users can access their phone and control it as u have it ! Now they try to develop it to control the other electronics like ps3, psp, xbox, etc…

    brownsuger: Thank you for passing through 🙂

  4. WhiteSuger says:

    Nice Post, you brought back memories 🙂

  5. Itsallg000d says:

    I was there this morning. Well, I was amazed of the level of those ideas; the students were very creative. We focused on computer engineering projects more than others. The best ones in my opinion were:

    Mobile mirrors (Web based interface to control your handset remotely send messages, make calls, navigate mobile contents, format it “in case of loss”, track it … etc)

    3D Interactive Interface (sort of virtual environment with motion detectors similar to Wii; you can interact with computers with your head and fingers motion)

    Home Automation System (SMS commands sending/receiving to control and know status of your home lights, AC, doors … etc)

    Click & Pick (It is an electronic/interactive mall guide/tour stand. You can search for particular shop and know the direction to it from your location. The girls did demonstration in the Avenues last week)

    Traffic Monitoring System, TMS (Online traffic monitoring tool provides user with graphical live traffic report. It is based GPS technology impededs plus sort of calculation to predict traffic status)

    This was my first time attending this event, and I was really happy to see how creative our new engineers are. Wish the best to all of them 🙂

  6. Sn3a says:

    7asafa mashft hal project, m3anne re7t l yom o ams!
    also my cousin’s “Sign Language” 3jeeeb;p

    thanx for the post

  7. Creator of Mobile Mirrors says:

    hi every body I want to thank you for talking about our project and I hope to get your interesting 🙂

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