Air meals images and Classes

This is becoming a habit, every time I fly now a day’s I’m taking pictures of the served meals. Check the below they are for Kuwait, Saudi, Jordan and Emirates airs I’ll let you guess which one is which. Some of them are from business class and some are from couch.


6 Responses to Air meals images and Classes

  1. exzombie says:

    KA food looks like vomit!

  2. brownsuger says:

    lool, i’m biest for KA ;P

  3. Sn3a says:

    wanasa 5osh hobby
    ana 3jabnee akel Qatar Airways m3nnee a7awl atjannab akl 6ayara

    • brownsuger says:

      now after i left you guys to try to guess i’ve wrettin each meal and its asosiated air way just move the mouse on the pic and the name will apper

  4. Pyyth4 says:

    looks delicious, i wonder hows the taste.

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