Cartoon network in Kuwait?

Cartoon Network World

Does anybody have any information about this place?


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  1. itsallg000d says:

    I pass by it from time to time, but never bee their! had post on 22 Feb 2009

  2. frankom says:

    كل يوم امر من هناك ومادري شنو هذا ولا ابي ادري شنو هذا لان شكله واضح ان مجرد اسم لا اكثر 🙂

  3. Q80 BOY says:

    isnt this opposite Dasman Palace? i saw it yesterday … i think its a theme park for kids … a bit like future kid … i think Mark from 248am has pics (not sure though)

    • itsallg000d says:

      Yep! you are right. it is in Sharg new Co. I just passed by it 3 hours ago, it did not seem crowded though. but I’m not sure if this is an offical cartoon network theme park or local initiative … !

  4. Om SaloOoM says:

    i knew it from my daughter el nursery mwdeenhm re7la like 2 months ago. itgol it’s fun and big but you know she’s 2:P the place is owned by the future kid co. i think!

  5. tanned honey ;* says:

    Yeah I know this place! It belongs to my friend’s mom. Its this really cool kids place that has like a discovery section that resembles the one that used to be in Souk Sharq by the cinema and a section that houses electronic games. I’ve been there a couple of times for my cousin’s birthday parties and its a lot of fun!

  6. readmyblog says:

    I remember reading that Cartoon Network signed up with a regional/local company.

  7. Mohammed Qallaf says:

    WALLA SHABAB its an official place of Cartoon Network
    Its a great but over priced place
    Walla its Official and Very nice inside!

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