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  1. fahad says:

    didn’t work for me, I have opened the terminal and entered the command, and still the bundle isn’t available to be selected !! any idea?

  2. SpiKeY says:


    Just to be sure you are using iTunes 8.2?

    Also you need to make sue that itunes is closed when running the command or to restart the itunes once the command is put.

    this should make it work.

  3. fahad says:

    I have tried it but still doesn’t work,
    and yes the itunes is 8.2

    i don’t know why it isn’t working??? any idea?

  4. SpiKeY says:


    I guess you are not running the vista 64 bit.

    So here is another way.

    Step 1: Quit iTunes

    Step 2: Press Windows Key + R to open the run dialog. Enter in cmd then click OK

    Step 3: Enter the following command into the Command Prompt window.
    “C:\Program Files\iTunes\iTunes.exe” /setPrefInt carrier-testing 1

    Step 4: Connect your iPhone and click to launch iTunes from your Start Menu.

    Step 5: Select your iPhone from the list of devices on the left then hold down the Shift key and click the Check for Updates button.

    Step 6: Now you can now select your .ipcc file as it is not greyed out

    thanks to Raz

  5. nocturnal says:

    hiya, thanks for this post.
    question, restoring usually deletes everything off an iPhone? so I was wondering if this is like an actual restore..? I don’t want my data to be erased. 😦

  6. Spikey says:

    Not at all, restoring from an ipcc only updates the gprd settings, mms and zain logo. You will not lose anything

    • nocturnal says:

      oh, thanks for the prompt reply lol, didn’t read that till I clicked submit comment on my previous comment haha.

  7. nocturnal says:

    ahh, nvm I took the risk and just did it.
    anyway, I had the same problem as fahad, (I’m on windows 7). I did some researching and this is what ended up pasting on cmd to be able to view ipcc files:
    “%ProgramFiles%\iTunes\iTunes.exe” /setPrefInt carrier-testing 1

    & lol the zain logo at the top is pretty sick :D.
    thanks again for the post. 🙂

  8. Bibo says:

    Well the MMS is working but I have no tethering option at all do you know why?

  9. pocoloco says:

    Hi Spikey,

    Thanks for the carrier settings. I have a few questions:
    1)I have the high speed plan from zain. and they told me that instead of using apn “pps”, I need to use “hspps” for the cellular data settings (I tested both and the speed difference is huge). if I change the settings on the iphone, I always end up losing the ability to tether. If I try to create my own mobile configuration file from iphone-notes.de using hspps, it also gives the same apn “hspps” for MMS, which makes MMS unusable (I can create the MMS but it doesn’t send) because MMS should be “pps” instead of “hspps”. I don’t know how to create an ipcc file that gives the cellular data settings and MMS settings different apns. Can you please help me with that?

    2) I use my phone on different networks from different countries and providers. Now I am stuck with the Zain Carrier logo. Is there a way to revert back to the default carrier logo? (ie the one the carrier provides automatically when you connect to the network?)

    Thanks so much

  10. SpiKeY says:

    Bibo- the tethering option will vanish if you change any of the network settings. Try restarting your iphone also.


    1) Ok here is the hspps ipcc file (this has been tested and working)


    2) As for the Zain logo, the ipcc was done to support only the Zain sims. I created another one to support others. So tell me how it goes with you because I couldnt test it with other sims.


  11. Mohammed says:

    Dear SpiKeY,
    Have the same problem as fahad (the ipcc file is grey) followed all your instructions but am using Mac. Any ideas ?

    Thanks for all your help Spikey

  12. Bibo says:


    I have tried every way I used the ipcc without editing first sand I restarted my mobile but I have no luck , so I edited the carrier bundle and changed the mask to many value I noticed that it is 49 in the carrier bundle which is 11001 I tried changing that I even tried a lot of combination of mobileconfig I still don’t see it.
    My mobile is 2G unlocked with redsn0w.
    Do you have any idea how to turn on the tethering

  13. spikeyq8 says:


    a, not sure if 2g has any difference because it is a firmware issue.

    Did you try negative values? you can try -7.

  14. pocoloco says:

    Spikey: thanks a lot.

  15. Fahad Part Two says:

    Hey Spikey,

    I’m using a MAC and the bundle is still grey.


  16. Ahmed says:

    hey spikey

    thanks for your work

    am having the same as fahad 2 and mohamad
    the ipcc is still grey

    i have iphone 3gs

    thanks for your help

    ahmed .

  17. Ahmed says:

    hey spicky


    i have done it 🙂 thanks alot i think that the terminal command need to be rewrote in a one line 🙂

    i tried writing it more than 5 times an one was write 🙂

    thanks anyway


  18. WaRRioR says:

    Thank you for the nice work 🙂
    I did it and it works fine with me, i tried to send MMS to my self and it works!!
    The option of internet tethering does`t show to me!
    How can i make it works?

  19. Dejaviewer says:

    I have Wataniya line and I’m GPRS subscriber; however, I couldn’t configure my iPhone 3Gs to the Internet setting!
    And this is my 1st iPhone device
    Is there is anybody could you guide me to fix my device configuration please?

  20. Ali says:

    worked like a charm…and the carrier logo is animated and colorful .. good work

  21. imona says:

    will this work on officialy unlocked iPhone 3Gs version 3.0.1 with data simcard with hspps setting?

    coz I tried the steps above with no luck the file does not ever appear

    i downloaded the file ..
    then did the steps
    shift + restore = it will open a pop up window to select a file from this file has to be .ipsw not ippc ? am i doing something wrong here ?

    plus when i click RUN then copy and paste this comand
    “C:\Program Files\iTunes\iTunes.exe” /setPrefInt carrier-testing 1
    i get an error window says – windows cannot find etc
    (i did this command while itune is closed)

    help needed and appreaciated

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