Full Review: “DSL internet connection summer’s offers!”

June 28, 2009

Hi I had just renew my DSL internet connection and I check all the offers with the suppliers, i make this design below to summarize the summer offers of the top three suppliers in Kuwait.

Quality net has the best offers this summer and I choose Qnet for the 4th year
in my DSL using history, and i recommend to every one.

Contacts info:

1- Qualitynet    180444

2- Fast telco      22256633

3- Kems              1822822

Cold Stone CupCakes

June 28, 2009
Cold Stone CupCakes

Cold Stone CupCakes

While in office last Thursday, I got mail about these mouth watering treats! So, I headed right after work to the Avenues to get one.  

Once reached ice cream counter, my eyes went looking all around the place for anything like cup cakes. After losing hope to find them myself, I asked the guys there if they have them, will have them or even have heard of them; but the answer was … coldly NO

Stunt driving on Gulf road (شلا)

June 28, 2009

One of our viewers “Abdullah” sent me this clip that he took for a crazy driver on Gulf road, but he told me that it was taking last year.
We at 360Dewan don’t encourage this type of behavior and people should use the road responsibly!