Cold Stone CupCakes

Cold Stone CupCakes

Cold Stone CupCakes

While in office last Thursday, I got mail about these mouth watering treats! So, I headed right after work to the Avenues to get one.  

Once reached ice cream counter, my eyes went looking all around the place for anything like cup cakes. After losing hope to find them myself, I asked the guys there if they have them, will have them or even have heard of them; but the answer was … coldly NO


4 Responses to Cold Stone CupCakes

  1. Mohammed says:

    Looks delicious !!! .. Hope they bring them soon.

  2. gleam360 says:

    Well there is a boutique that sell cupcackes near Low Fat resturant ! but there is no cold ones yet !

  3. itsallg000d says:

    I think you meant crumbs … is that right gleam360? I have not tried them, but a firend says they are good.

  4. gleam360 says:

    Actually I didn’t remember the name but, but the boutique has a British style.

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