Stunt driving on Gulf road (شلا)

One of our viewers “Abdullah” sent me this clip that he took for a crazy driver on Gulf road, but he told me that it was taking last year.
We at 360Dewan don’t encourage this type of behavior and people should use the road responsibly!


5 Responses to Stunt driving on Gulf road (شلا)

  1. gleam360 says:

    LooooL sheno hal yinoon !!! 9ij fara`3a :S

    Anyway special thanks to Abdullah for sharing with us this video also thank you brownsugar for the post.

  2. Blizmo says:

    I guess the police officer was enjoying the show and drove after the guy for more action 😛

    • brownsuger says:

      There are a lot of guys in Kuwait and the Middle East with amazing talent but no one to take care of their talent and no place to express them selfs, so they take it out to the streets 😦 which is also wrong. if pulled his stunt in an empty road it would be “ok” with coution.
      if in the stats he would be a stund master in a movie by now 🙂

  3. […] 360Dewan uploaded the video above onto YouTube of a Nissan Patrol on two wheels at a traffic intersection. Best part of the video is when the Patrol gets chased by cops at the end. [Link]  Print  Email Jun 28, 2009 […]

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