Exclusive Kuwait 360 mall tour!

Yesterday we went on an exclusive sneak peek tour of Kuwait 360 mall.

When we entered the mall we were impressed by its unique design and many facilities. The mall is almost ready for the grand opening (5th July), some of the mall’s inimitable features that I would like to point out in this post are: the location, design, and facilities (shops, restaurants, cinema theater and entertainment).

Kuwait 360 location: The Mall is conveniently situated in Al-Zahara Area right besides the 6th ring road towards Kuwait Airport.

Kuwait 360 design: the architecture is truly exotic and unique the only one of its kind in Kuwait and perhaps the GCC. The dazzling marble floors with contrasting colors, the mini aquariums scattered throughout, the walls covered with natural grass and the sight of those bold chandeliers will simply take your breath away.


Kuwait 360 Shops: the mall will be hosting a lot of designer clothes. Moreover, it will host a number of new franchises openings in Kuwait for the first time, such as the Géant hyper market and will also see the comeback of some familiar franchises, such as Toys-R-Us.


Kuwait 360 restaurants: there are several food courts, although some are a bit cramped and might get a bit crowded especially the one next to the cinemas, but other then that there is a  good number of restaurants and café shops to pick from, all well evened with spacious storefronts making for a great view for people watching J

Kuwait 360 Cinema Theater: I can say this from now that the cinema is going to be my favorite and one of the best in Kuwait. There are 10 theaters altogether, each is meticulously designed for comfortable viewing, and even the front rows seats are far enough for you not break your neck trying to get a glimpse of the screen. The front row seats also have tables for your food and beverages.

Kuwait 360 entertainment: Some the attractions that you’ll find are bowling aisles, VIP bowling aisles and as well as arcades and other indoor attractions.

Kuwait 360 will be “the place to go to” and one of the main attractions of Kuwait I can’t wait for the grand opening and when the mall will be full operating!J

Also watch our youtube video

For more information about 360 mall please Click here.

For information about the shops that will be opening Click here

Special thanks to Mr. Talal Al-Modhayan for his support and facilitating us to a wonderful tour and to our 360Dewan team for the excellent coverage.


19 Responses to Exclusive Kuwait 360 mall tour!

  1. mastersreview says:

    Speechless to say the least, good job for Tamdeen.

    I heard that their are no Starbucks.. I like the idea

  2. GraphicQ8 says:

    A truly fascinating contemporary architecture and interior.. I really love the luxurious looking interior..
    I’m so excited now ! and the good thing is that it’s only 5 mins. away from where I live =)
    I think the Avenues won’t be crowded anymore..

    I couldn’t figure out the parking’s place?
    I hope it won’t get really crowded like the Avenues now

    Great report and pics.. well Done !

  3. WhiteSuger says:

    nice post, i hope there is enough parking space 😉

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  5. Mark says:

    wow, watermark overload

  6. Abdulmohsen says:

    The interior looks amaaaazing!

    Great scoop!

  7. killer says:

    The Mall looks great… well done 360 dewan… good info to read….looking forward to see this mall…

  8. Abdullah says:

    You guys! this is AMAZING !! THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH !

  9. schlitzie says:

    look at the cinema – cinescape cant build them right still, the screen is smaller than the size of the room and the chairs on the left and right are beyond the cinemas screen

    we need another cinema company in kuwait who knows who to build cinemas with good sound and picture etc

    • brownsuger says:

      defenitly dude we need more cinema companies. we should start one but we will need a lot of support to survive

      • killer says:

        Cant they make the same cinema’s with bigger screen.. as they yet to start the 360 mall, this will add one more feather in 360 mall cap.. what say…. support will automatically increases if the place is good.

  10. intlxpatr says:

    Who did the huge orange-ish glass (?) chandelier?

    • brownsuger says:

      yes it is man. btw i checked your blog so u used to live in Kuwait ? how would u discribe the deffrence between Kuwait and Qatar ?

  11. Mohammed says:

    Wow great work guys ! Loved the photos, keep up the great work.

  12. Shaymaa says:

    no bookstore?

  13. wadha says:

    Great effort thnx a lot &keep updating us with new places

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