Mars Muffins: Review

Mars Muffin

Mars Muffin

Sultan Center has been very active in importing new products lately. I found this Mars and Galaxy while shopping at Sultan Center (Hawally) Since Galaxy is only plain chocolate, I decided to buy Mars.

Taste-wise, I was not impressed at all. It was basically normal chocolate muffin with melted Mars, so you can easily make yours by hacking Al-Matahin (KUWAIT FLOUR MILLS & BAKERIES) chocolate muffin where you  be saving on the price as well 🙂


5 Responses to Mars Muffins: Review

  1. e7mood says:

    eshrayek eb kitkat senses?

  2. e7mood says:

    try it wed3eeeliii ;p

  3. peevishguy says:

    thanks for the useful review, I was about to get one. but not after now!!

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