Avenues Mall (KUWAIT) Mosque Design



One of our readers (Thank you Annu :)) forwarded this mail to us; it’s about Masjid “Mosque” design at the Avenues Mall, Kuwait. The design was created by famous architect  Zaha Hadid

What a coincident! I was at the Avenues last Tuesday and people were complaining about how the prayers’ room is small where many people were standing outside waiting their turns; I was one of them. One of the angry men said he went to the management asking them to build a full Masjid and they need to stop collecting money.



 The design is very innovative and modern, I’m not sure if it could be pulled off. However, It will be remarkable spot in Kuwait.


12 Responses to Avenues Mall (KUWAIT) Mosque Design

  1. Principessa says:

    Wow!!! Wayed 7ilo mashallah !

  2. itsallg000d says:

    It’s nice, but it will be really costly

  3. brownsuger says:

    Lool really funny yah i was with you when the angree man spoke about it, he will be happy now 😀

  4. Mohammed says:

    Yeah the prayer rooms in the avenues are really small !

    the mosque looks really cool, I wonder when they will be finishing it .. next 5 years ? :p

  5. Anu says:

    The proposed mosque is located between phase 3 & phase 4 of Avenues, now they have built only till phase 2

  6. guardadocumentos says:

    its really good, awesome awesome awesome

  7. meshooo says:

    V.nice ,,,, but its masjed , no need to spend all that money for the art work
    its better to give that money to the people who needs it.

  8. Blizmo says:

    Some say whenever a prayer is up the whole mosque takes of the avenues grounds. Five times a day.


  9. Soul says:

    Man, some people really do exaggerate with the designs and stuff, instead of using the place effeciently, they waste it with a “design”.

    • itsallg000d says:

      It’s still on paper … I heard that Zaha designs are very hard to execute. However, she is very creative 🙂

  10. baitna yideed mirzamna 7ADID says:

    EXCUSE YOU! just becaus this mosque is “designed” doesn’t mean it wastes space. quite the contrary, using space effictiently while creating beautiful spaces is what architecture is about. and there’s a reason that mosques, churches and synagogues are “designed”. in these buildings architects strive to design spiritual/contemplative spaces that help the individual focus on the “creator” instead of their latest BBM friend. if the “design” helps you remember the abilities that God has given us, and how far we’ve gotten with His help, what’s so wrong with that?

    please educate yourself 🙂

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