Bizarre car accident in Kuwait!!! WAW – must see

Kuwait is famous for its crazy drivers and strange accidents but this one I don’t know what to call.

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12 Responses to Bizarre car accident in Kuwait!!! WAW – must see

  1. LF says:

    Oh lol, he crashed into them and the cars locked together, then he tried to get rid of them by driving all over the place and then try to run away. Fail.

  2. Mohammed says:

    loooooooooool WTH !!! we used to joke about this me and my friends, that can you imagine a car get locked-up in the back of someone’s truck and pull him in the street, well here it is looool !

  3. Fahad says:

    WTF??? He’s crazy!!

    I hope he got what he deserves.

  4. […] 360Dewan posted this messed up video that was shot here in Kuwait of a pickup truck dragging a car behind it. When I first watched the video I thought the car in the back was pushing the truck but then I realized the car in the back had the brakes held down most of the time. By the end of the video it turns out the pickup truck somehow crashed into the car (probably reversed into it) and then tried escaping but the car got attached to the truck and was being dragged alone. In the end a woman comes out of the car screaming asking people to help her out. [YouTube] […]

  5. kuwaitmirage says:

    OOOOOOOOH I want the follow up!!!!! What happened next? How old was the driver of the pick up? 12? They usually are round here- my house is round the corner LOL!!!

  6. Mark says:

    yeah i want part II!

  7. exzombie says:

    thats what I call a car drag!

  8. e7mood says:

    LOOOOL am i the only one who laughed in the end???

  9. Jasem says:

    I would beat his ass to no ends! WTF is the maniac doing?

  10. Marzouq says:

    Thats insane, I hope that guy in the pick up got jailed!

    I would honestly want him dead!

    Misakeen those expats!

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