Color Picker by Jinsun Park



Beginning with software like Adobe Photoshop, graphic designers have seen numerous advancements that have made their work into child play. To add to this long collection of brilliant hardware and software developments, we have the Color-picking Pen that is capable of reading RGB values from your computer (just like the color picker tool in Photoshop) with the help of a camera and RGB sensor. These RGB values are later used to mix up an ink color that matches it, using the RGB cartridge, thus enabling users to draw with the exact same color that they see on their screen. This pen greatly bridges the gap between digital art and the canvas. It allows artists to pull out salient features of both fields.

The Color-picking pen is designed by South Korean designer Jinsun Park. So far this stands as a concept, but it is likely to create shockwaves in the world of digital design sooner than later.




6 Responses to Color Picker by Jinsun Park

  1. brownsuger says:

    Waaw man that amazing. can i find it in Kuwait?

  2. khalid18881 says:

    It’s still a concept. Hopefully in the near future.

  3. Mohammed says:

    This is really amazing, Salem did post this months ago in the blog and I can’t stop thinking of getting one !

    Technology is awesome !

  4. readmyblog says:

    Wow! This is like Artificial Intelligence. Imagine in the future children will have this pen and a Pantone book instead of the regular box of crayons.

  5. Thanks for great posting

    Will back to read your other useful post 😉

  6. sup says:

    this is cool, but i think it needs cmyk ink to work

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