Coffee Republic – a pit stop: Review


I went with my friends to 360 mall for a quick visit on Saturday to have a small snack at the Coffee Republic and man was it expensive! Now what do you think the following order should cost:

• Coffee Latte with Hazel syrup
• Beef and Turkey sandwich
• Zucchini cake كيكة كوسه !!
Look at the recite (O_o)!! but I have to say the food was good quality and tasty. Cheers
Coffee Republic-360 Mall


8 Responses to Coffee Republic – a pit stop: Review

  1. itsallg000d says:

    No comment about prices … I heard it’s nice place after all.

  2. MAZE says:

    not pricy at all

  3. ansam518 says:

    Its reasonable! All coffee shops are in that range now!

  4. brownsuger says:

    Will ok guys, i can agree with you but let’s do this i have a friend in the UK i will ask him to make the same order and compare the prices. that would be exciting 😉

  5. Sn3a says:

    it is pricy ,,
    and there won’t be any change regarding the price of an average cup of coffee coz kuwaitis including me don’t mind to spend money here and there
    bl3afya aham shy enna 3jabk

  6. exzombie says:

    ok, I had chocolate cheese cake, nutella shake and roast beef sandwich and it was 5,700!

    it is pricey as hell!

  7. brownsuger says:

    humm my friend didn’t answer my email yet. I think we should waite a bit longer :r

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