360Dewan first competition solved congratulations!!

Congratulations to Mr. Mohammed for getting the location of the hanged Batman. Mr. Mohammed acted quickly and won the prize. please see Mr. Mohammed’s photo 🙂


The Hanged Batman is located opposite to Tawa restaurant in Kuwait City right after the Dar Al-Awadi tower at the traffic light … go see for your self 😉

good luck next time


5 Responses to 360Dewan first competition solved congratulations!!

  1. Om SaloOom says:

    shino el prize 3ad 😛

  2. Om SaloOom says:

    oops just read the older post never mind 😛

  3. Abdulmohsen says:


    Keep them coming! 🙂

  4. FF0 says:

    a7ad eygool 7ag ra3ii el hanged batman in his stuffy toy is all over the net ! 😀 believe me he’ll be shocked ! LOOL

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