The 4th Summer Cultural Festival

4th Summer Cultural Festival

4th Summer Cultural Festival

I just found about this events. It’s about halfway there (5-Jul-09 to 12-Aug-09), so there is still time to catch up and enjoy the events.

They have many events and activities in the morning and evening such as workshops, Books exhibition, arts, music, theaters, folklore and museums.

They will have summer books exhibition at 11:00 AM this morning in the Avenues mall … Unfortunately can’t make it!

For the complete events continue reading 🙂

Thanks to Mesho & Co for their updates 🙂

One Response to The 4th Summer Cultural Festival

  1. exzombie says:

    yep, and Kuwait Cinema Club is going to showcase movies from the Arab world, the first day will show short films from Kuwait, the second day will show the Algerian movie Days of Glory, the last day will be Paradise Now.

    hope you enjoy it

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