What do you recommend Arctic (North Pole) or Antarctica (South Pole)?


I found a web-site called Gap Adventures that organizes trips all over the word. What caught my attention is that it have 3 unusual destinations:
*space (no trips availabile yet)
with reasonable prices see for yourself.
Traveling is my #1 hobby and I was planning to go to one of the Poles which one do you recommend?  The Arctic has the polar bear and  Antarctica has penguins.
BTW I’m looking for people who wanna travel with me there if you’re interested seriously 😉


9 Responses to What do you recommend Arctic (North Pole) or Antarctica (South Pole)?

  1. Whitesugar says:

    i guess both places are terrible since i hate the cold weather, but i think the arctic is better since you mentioned the penguins there

    goodluck and i hope you dont freeze your nose off :p

  2. mrdirector80 says:

    I prefer the poles that women dance around!….HA!

    Anyway…seriously, knowing you brownsuger, you’ll end up visiting both! But for the first time, mingle with the penguins, get to know them more….then go to the bears!

  3. Soul says:

    I agree with mrdirector80, penguins For The Win.

    Reminds me, I was unable to rescue the princess yet in the MSX game, penguin adventures, and I have no freakin idea how.

  4. ansam518 says:

    WOW! Thats amazing! I have been to the Arctic Ocean (and stood on it) – you can find a picture on my blog if you click http://ansam518.wordpress.com/about/

    But I would do it all over again and all of those places as well! Thanks for sharing this 🙂 AWESOME!

    • brownsuger says:

      Hay Ansam you’re the first Kuwaiti I know who when to the Arctic WAW. I’m very interested to know all the details about your trip, like when did you go, how did you do go (plane or ship), how long you stay there and do they have hotels over there, more tell all you can about it and if you have more pic’s please share with us. And if you know what Is the best time to go there, any information would be helpful.

  5. khalid18881 says:

    Penguins are on the south pole; polar bears are on the north pole!

  6. khalid18881 says:

    Brownsugar lets go together to the south pole gotta love those penguins

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