Please read the logo’s. What’s the diffrence?


Humm does anybody know when Hassan’s Optics and Harrods first started? One of them is fond of the other 😀


9 Responses to Please read the logo’s. What’s the diffrence?

  1. Blushberry says:

    loool !!!! i always compare their logo !! they really look similar !! i think harrods copied hassan 😛

  2. Fereej says:

    hassan first 😛

  3. ON says:

    hehehhe i think theyre just using the same font ;p
    if there were any font copyrights then someone should talk about it ;p

  4. Hamad says:

    Hassans has been around since the 60’s
    Harrods 1834

    • brownsuger says:

      Hello Noor, just saw your comment “plagiat?”
      sorry but i didn’t get what you mean ??

  5. .. says:

    looooool 3ad ana mn zman knt mla7th hal shghla =P

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