Phuket In Arabic (Alrai Newspaper)



This has to be stopped … I’m sure it was a mistake anyway. When pronouncing the word Phuket as spelled it sounds as the F word. Unfortunately in Alrai newspaper (page 52) of July 20th, they wrote this word in Arabic as spelled in English!

What made me wrote about this issue that I’ve been noticing a lots of similar mistakes lately (check Ansam’s post) . Some which had relation to how some writers and journalist ignorant in the words and terms of the new generations.


10 Responses to Phuket In Arabic (Alrai Newspaper)

  1. ansam518 says:

    To begin with… its pronounce with the “P” sound rather than the “Ph”

  2. FF0 says:

    LOOOOOL madri laish tha7akni :Pp opps !:$

  3. Blizmo says:

    reminds me of this:

  4. osama says:

    وايد ناس ينطقونها فوكيت بدل بوكيت و ما اعتقد في شي غريب او غير عادي في الموضوع

  5. Osama says:

    اي احد يدش منتدى مكتوب للسفر راح يلاحظ ان الأغلبية تستخدم كلمة فوكيت

  6. brownsuger says:

    شفيه الأخ أسامه مصر؟

  7. Whitesuger says:

    looooooool nice post 😉

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