Uom Kalsum (أم كلثوم) Museum at Kuwait 360Mall

The Legand
Uom Kalsum (أم كلثوم) AKA “The Star of the East” and “The Fourth Pyramid” is acknowledged as one of world’s talented artist (singer and actor) she had two birthdates: one according to historians in 1898, and the official birth certificate 1904 in Egypt and died in 1975.

The Singers Dresses
With the opening of the 360 mall, a temporary museum of the late singer has opened from 8 July till the 8th of November. I would recommend music lovers, both fans and nonfans, of Uom Kalsum to go; it’s a great experience and knowledge about the singer.

Uom_kalsum with the Pyremids
I took some pictures of the museum but it’s not enough, you should go and see yourself.
All of the museum items were brought from “Uom Kalsum museum” at Cairo.

Gucci Shoes and BagGucci shoe and Bag

Famous Hankythe famous hanki

With Egyptian President Jamal Abdul Nasser,  Anwar Alsadat & Abdul Hakeem Amer جمال عبد الناصر و انور السادات و عبد الحكيم عامر

With HH Sheikh Sabah Al-Salem

with HH Sabah Al-Salem

Uom Kalsum’s Father

Uom Kalsum Father



D&G Eye Glasses



Stage in the Museum

One of the Stages Microphones she sang through 


In Kuwait (1)
In Kuwait 1In Kuwait (2)
In Kuwait 2

Special thanks to the people who organized this Museum.

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  1. itsallg000d says:

    Nice, thank you

  2. brownsuger says:

    Sankes = Thanks 😀

  3. nirvana says:

    i’ve been there 4 dayz ago , really really awesome !!!!

  4. ansam518 says:

    I still did not go! I have not been to 360 Mall yet! heheheh

  5. ansam518 says:

    And I think her glasses are Christian Dior not D&G

    • brownsuger says:

      Will i’m almost sure it’s D&G i’ve read it. but when you go there double check for us please 🙂

      • mrdirector80 says:

        Actually, it is Christian Dior. My favorite section of the museum was the cinema (what can I say, I love the movies…especially the oldies).

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