Zahr El Laymoun: Review

Zahr El-laymoun

Zahr El-laymoun

Since the opening of 360 mall we were trying to find good time to try this new Lebanese restaurant. Zahr El Laymoun is oriental kitchen and grill café that offers simple grilled, baked and healthy Lebanese cuisine.

I really liked the restaurant concept of providing nice calm simple interior along with lots of healthy items that could satisfy variety of choices.


Normally the word healthy scares me as one of my friends relates it to tasteless! On the contrary the food taste was good. 


I had chicken shawarma, hummas, tabolah and mediterranean salad; the guys fell in love with those lamb chops my friend got.                 


It is worth mentioning that food presentation looked close to corresponding pictures in Zahr El-Laymoun website.



Though most of the staff members looked new to Kuwait, they were nice and friendly. Their service base was normal comparing to how slow some people thought of it.


Here are my service records:

  • 17:07 made order
  • 17:10 breads and compliments
  • 17:16 appetizers
  • 17:26 main course


Very simple and relaxing! The pinkish and light purple interiors will cool you off. This was very obvious when looking at how people around us enjoying the conversation and company.


At the end of our visit the guys got creative in shaping breads “Caak” into Pac-Man 🙂


Finally we would like to give our special thanks to Ms. Nisreen Jadayel


3 Responses to Zahr El Laymoun: Review

  1. ansam518 says:

    3alaikom bel3afia! It looks good! I have heard two opposite reviews! People either hated it or loved it! I cant wait to try it

    • brownsuger says:

      Hey Ansam, i will make you Judge when you try it please let us know if you like it or not. I will be waiting for your opinion

  2. Sn3a says:

    awwal marra agra review ymd7 l m63am
    l kel galaw el akel tasteless wel service b6ee2
    atwaqqa3 l staf t3allemaw men a’3la6’hom
    3alaikom eb alf 3afyaa
    o el presentation 3jeb

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