Cars Locking Party


While passing through Kaifan across Platinum gym, I noticed 7 SUVs got their wheels locked by police. It turned out that Kuwaiti police was very active lately in writing violations (according yesterday papers); they locked 40 cars (7 of them in Kaifan) in one day.

Strangely, some brave people still parks on top of street curves! While passing on the same road today, 4 new cars got locked.

Thus please follow the law since you will suffer in this weather … 🙂


4 Responses to Cars Locking Party

  1. Reemas says:

    i have to disagree with u in this one.
    its a very bad job.. i hate car locking and its totally unacceptable to me.
    first of all there are not enough parking places anywhere in kuwait.
    second they have no right locking my car and i can not use it for i dont know how long. its against my right. what if i have an emergency ? what if it is my only car ?
    they have the right to issue me a ticket .. and they can do it as frequently as they wish if i repeat the violation.
    but they have no right locking my car.

    • itsallg000d says:

      Yeah understand your point … fair enough! I don’t like it either especially in this weather, however I’m not sure what police argument would be on car locking.

      I’ve seen car towing in the US where you would have to pay $100 (for tow yard) + parking ticket, but you can get your car back anytime depending on tow yard working hours 🙂

  2. Buda says:

    Well Done…. That is all I have to say. The law should be abided no matter. what gives anyone the right to violate the law, I think they should not only lock the cars, but take it up a notch and start towing the cars. We have no respect for the law in kuwait these days we need to be taught a lesson 🙂

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