Tuna Burger From Scratch

July 28, 2009


Yesterday I had this feeling to have fish (Salmon or Tuna) grilled burger. Unfortunately I have not paid attention if anyone serves it in Kuwait, so I decided to create it from scratch!

It was tuna burger with Dijon mustard parsley sauce. Taste wise it was a success, by the way fresh tuna tastes way different that water/oil canned tuna.  

I did not kept track of my measurements to create the full recipe, but I will be glad to execute it again if anyone is interested in such fish burgers 🙂

Zahr El Laymoun: Review

July 26, 2009
Zahr El-laymoun

Zahr El-laymoun

Since the opening of 360 mall we were trying to find good time to try this new Lebanese restaurant. Zahr El Laymoun is oriental kitchen and grill café that offers simple grilled, baked and healthy Lebanese cuisine.

I really liked the restaurant concept of providing nice calm simple interior along with lots of healthy items that could satisfy variety of choices.

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Grilled CheeseCake Sandwich: Recipe

July 24, 2009


I saw this recipe on the internet, but I have been hesitated to make it since it is loads of calories plus could have strange taste.

Finally, I decided to give it a try. It tasted way better than what I expected, but it was heavy; so don’t eat too much of it. It is really good as a lazy guy dessert 🙂

Follow is the recipe

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Q Café Mom’s Cake: Review

July 20, 2009

Mom's Cake

Mom's Cake

A friend recommended the Q café mom’s cake. It’s a homemade cake that someone’s mom prepares or at least owns the recipe.

Back to the cake … it is three layers cake Chocolate Mousse, vanilla cream and chocolate cake. Though it is bit sweet “for me”, I think it’s one of the best chocolate I’ve had with.

Pricewise it’s acceptable KWD 2 per slice, but they have big portions. A single slice is good for two.

Eating tip: You need to eat it in a way where you have all three layers in one bit, starting from chocolate mousse ending in chocolate cake. The middle layer “cream” is meant to lower sweet effect of the chocolate mousse I think!

Try it and let me know your opinion 🙂

To get it delivered to you call Q Café  +96522495067

Why pork is bad for you; interesting

July 17, 2009

A friend send me this clip, of what I think, of a raven talking in a Sunday mass, I think, about why pork meat is bad for humans health and that its in the scripter’s not to eat pork meat. His explanation is very interesting, have a look.


Modern Toilet Restaurant (Taiwan)

July 16, 2009


[Watch on YouTube]

I know its weekend and did not want to disgust you, so I listed some of the good pictures. For more pictures check [Fun Ever]

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Food Politics

July 10, 2009

This fight is dirty!

1. The World
2. WWII – Holocaust / French surrender / London Bombing / Pearl Harbor / Battle of Midway / D-day / fall of Berlin / Hiroshima
3. Arab-Israeli War
– Brits leave Israel
– Israel expands territory
4. Korean War
– China and Russia back the North
– The US back the South
5. Cuban Missile Crisis
6. Vietnam
– China and Russia back the North
– The US back the South
7. Cold War
– Arms race
8. Intifada
9. Gulf War
– Iraq invades Kuwait
– Scuds
– Smart bomb
10. 9/11
11. Afghanistan
12. Gulf War II
– Shock and awe
13. Bug Food