Please read the logo’s. What’s the diffrence?

July 21, 2009


Humm does anybody know when Hassan’s Optics and Harrods first started? One of them is fond of the other 😀

My favorite YouTube channel – must see! –

July 17, 2009


Check this YouTube channel (LiquidGeneration) its represent the best/worst top 10 in almost every category. It’s very entertaining and unique. See 10 of his videos which I think are the best 10 enjoy.
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1) 10 Dudes who cry like girls
2) 10 Cutes cat moments
3) 10 ‘Thriller’ videos you haven’t seen
4) 10 Best Anime TV shows
5) 10 Creasiest David Lettermen interviews
6) 10 Most political awkward Gaffes
7) 100 Best movie lines in 200 seconds
8 ) 10 Most racist moments in TV
9) 10 Best talk shows fights
10) 10 Funniest movies scenes 1997 – 2007

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Monkeys are fixing errors at YouTube :P

July 12, 2009

I was trying to upload the “So you think you can dance/drive” video clip on YouTube were I faced an error and I got this funny yet strange message :s
I didn’t know YouTube hires monkeys to run the network…there doing a good job :p

Funny looking door at the Avenues

July 12, 2009


I found this ridicules looking poor deign door next to the (WC) doors in back side of magic planet at the avenues. I opened it to see what’s behind it and found that it’s used as a closet. 😛

Food Politics

July 10, 2009

This fight is dirty!

1. The World
2. WWII – Holocaust / French surrender / London Bombing / Pearl Harbor / Battle of Midway / D-day / fall of Berlin / Hiroshima
3. Arab-Israeli War
– Brits leave Israel
– Israel expands territory
4. Korean War
– China and Russia back the North
– The US back the South
5. Cuban Missile Crisis
6. Vietnam
– China and Russia back the North
– The US back the South
7. Cold War
– Arms race
8. Intifada
9. Gulf War
– Iraq invades Kuwait
– Scuds
– Smart bomb
10. 9/11
11. Afghanistan
12. Gulf War II
– Shock and awe
13. Bug Food

Viva (Avenues) and Castro Street

June 20, 2009
Castro Street SF

Castro Street SF

Viva Avenues
Viva Avenues

The Rainbow flag in Avenues this morning! From the picture what similarity between Viva garden in Avenues (Kuwait) and Castro Street San Francisco (California, US) … With Viva “everything” possible 😛


Shawirma stand on the run

June 10, 2009


One of my friends send me this picture he took in Salmiya of a shawirma stand in the back seat of this Jeep !??!
I hope nobody eats from it