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July 30, 2009

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Phuket In Arabic (Alrai Newspaper)

July 22, 2009


This has to be stopped … I’m sure it was a mistake anyway. When pronouncing the word Phuket as spelled it sounds as the F word. Unfortunately in Alrai newspaper (page 52) of July 20th, they wrote this word in Arabic as spelled in English!

What made me wrote about this issue that I’ve been noticing a lots of similar mistakes lately (check Ansam’s post) . Some which had relation to how some writers and journalist ignorant in the words and terms of the new generations.

Kuwaitis’ are # 1 among GCC who own real-estate

July 19, 2009

In an article by Al-Aan E-news paper says: Kuwait citizens are the most real-estate owners in comparing between other Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) citizens as of a statistical study for 2007
The article only ranked Kuwait, KSA, UAE and Bahrain. Qatar and Oman was not mentioned. The order of most real-estate owners in the GCC is as follow
# Country
1 Kuwait
4 Bahrain

United….Breaks Guitars!!

July 16, 2009

A few years back, local American airlines Jet Blue forced an American (of Arab origin…name I think is Raed) to remove a shirt with Arabic writing on it or he would not board the plane. Needless to say he won the lawsuit.

A few months back, a Canadian singer was flying to Nebraska (via Chicago) aboard United Airlines, and the title of this post says it all. Well…there you have it folks. Another haenous act by United Airlines. Rumor has it that the airlines demands the removal of the clip. The song says it all…enjoy it before it actually gets removed!

The singer promises 2 more clips about the incident!

360Dewan First Competition

July 14, 2009


Ok this is the 360Dewan first competition … this is how it goes:

*If you can find out where this picture was taken of the hanged batman in Kuwait just take a picture of it and send it to me with location details and you will win 2 cinema tickets (either to the iMAX at 360 Mall or the VIP seats at the Avenues Mall –up to you –)*
Please send your answer to 360dewan@gmail.com

Avenues Mall (KUWAIT) Mosque Design

July 9, 2009



One of our readers (Thank you Annu :)) forwarded this mail to us; it’s about Masjid “Mosque” design at the Avenues Mall, Kuwait. The design was created by famous architect  Zaha Hadid

What a coincident! I was at the Avenues last Tuesday and people were complaining about how the prayers’ room is small where many people were standing outside waiting their turns; I was one of them. One of the angry men said he went to the management asking them to build a full Masjid and they need to stop collecting money.

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Ever wonder how spoons, forks and knifes are made

July 8, 2009

Have a look on how they are made, interesting video

youtube link