CUTS –Brazilian – restaurant: Review

July 18, 2009


First time I experience Brazilian – Churrascaria – luxury cuisine in Kuwait at CUTS which was opened in 2007. STRONGLY RECOMMENDED!! Also see video at the end of the post Read the rest of this entry »

Coffee Republic – a pit stop: Review

July 12, 2009


I went with my friends to 360 mall for a quick visit on Saturday to have a small snack at the Coffee Republic and man was it expensive! Now what do you think the following order should cost:

• Coffee Latte with Hazel syrup
• Beef and Turkey sandwich
• Zucchini cake كيكة كوسه !!
Look at the recite (O_o)!! but I have to say the food was good quality and tasty. Cheers
Coffee Republic-360 Mall

The Crêpe café; Restaurant review

June 22, 2009

the Crepe cafe
The Crêpe café it’s so famous I don’t know should I post about it or not. I go to the café from time to time they are the only place in Kuwait that makes Crêpe that gives you the feeling that you are actually in France, but I got to know that The Crêpe café is an Australian franchise.
Array Branch
I like the staff there, one of the waitresses speaks Japanese and of course the food is so delicious.
I was introduced to the Co-owner Mr. Abdulaziz Al-Enezi and he was kind enough to give us an offer on such short notes.
You can get 1 free Farm House Crêpe with your order if you mention that you go to know The Crêpe café from our blog special thanks to Mr. Abdulaziz. offer only for Avenues Mall 22597673 and Arraya Center 22997947 branches. Offer ends at the begin of the holy month of Ramadan inshallah

Farmhouse Crepe
We wish you a nice time at The Crêpe café “Bo appétit!” 🙂

Cold Stone Ice Cream

June 12, 2009


Yesterday in Avenues, we stopped by cold stone to give it a try. Personally, I’m not a fan of cold stone back in the US; I used to prefer local ice cream places. But I heard that they have some nice flavors. Unfortunately, Kuwait branch did not have my personal favorite, lemon custard.

We tried Coffee sitting on waffle cone and mango! I do not recommend the mango as it tested like cheap mango juice. But the coffee was nice; especially the waffle cone was freshly baked when I was there.

Next time will try to more flavors 🙂

PQ New Menu

June 12, 2009


Just passed by PQ Marina for breakfast this week and found that they just started new menu this last Sunday. They’re offering verity of mouth watering choices suited all type meals and diets. Plus, when going with PQ breakfast item, you get choose from many new pastries line.

Also, noticed that they have seafood chowder soup that could be served in bread bowl (It’s just good memory of San Francisco)

The Early Bird – Restaurant Review

June 4, 2009


Last week my friend Fahad suggested that we go have breakfast at a restaurant called “The Early Bird” located in Fahaheel near the Koot Mall (see map), I don’t know how he found this place but it’s very cozy and small (maybe a 5X6 msq) it has about 4 to 6 tables, the staff is very friendly led by the owner here self Ms. Bianca from LA, the atmosphere is nice and the food is delicious.

The Interior

I guess the business case for this restaurant was targeting expatriates like school teachers and soldiers as my friend Naser mentioned but it picked up very well with a variety of customers since its opening back in March of 2008. I strongly recommend you visit The Early Bird I’ve been there 3 times already. Keep in mind they only serve breakfast.

Opening times are from 5 AM till 3 PM.

Opens 6 days a week and closes on Sunday

On weekends the place is packed so call them for reservations on # 23925814. also check out The Early Bird web-site

PS: once your there you can get a free slice of Banana bread if you mentioned that you found out about the restaurant from this Blog, the Banana bread are free until the end of July 2009

The Kitchen

June 4, 2009


Just heard of it! It’s located in Shaab Al-Bahri. According to their website, the menu consists of variety of choices inspired by different cuisines all over the world.


Also, noticed Kuwaiti chef Adela Al-Sharhan mentioned as sort of consultant to their team. Here’s The Kitchen website