Samsung LED TV’s

July 21, 2009

For the first time I experienced the LED TV technology and saw how it feels. I found these Samsung LED TV’s at the Géant hypermarket at the 360 Mall they had a blue ray device connected to play and show the capabilities of LEB TV with blue ray technology. It felt like I can tough the thing showing on the screen.

46 inch KD 933

46 inch KD 93340 inch KD 763

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Color Picker by Jinsun Park

July 9, 2009



Beginning with software like Adobe Photoshop, graphic designers have seen numerous advancements that have made their work into child play. To add to this long collection of brilliant hardware and software developments, we have the Color-picking Pen that is capable of reading RGB values from your computer (just like the color picker tool in Photoshop) with the help of a camera and RGB sensor. These RGB values are later used to mix up an ink color that matches it, using the RGB cartridge, thus enabling users to draw with the exact same color that they see on their screen. This pen greatly bridges the gap between digital art and the canvas. It allows artists to pull out salient features of both fields.

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Google Chrome OS (For NetBooks)

July 9, 2009


On Jul 7th 2009, Google announced their new project Google Chrome OS. The new OS is consider an attempt to replace Microsoft and MAC OS. “The Google Chrome Operating System. It’s our attempt to re-think what operating systems should be.”  Google blog

The Google OS is a fast lightweight open source OS for netbooks; it is expected to available for consumers in 2010

Watch out for the Big G 🙂

Printer Ink Secret, Revealed

July 7, 2009

If you get the low ink symbol don’t throw away your ink cartridge yet. Most of ink cartridges have a circuit board which keeps track of the level of ink in the cartridge, which aren’t very accurate due to the low memory. So before throwing the ink cartridge away try resetting it. I attached a video link of how to reset it.

Voila now you have extra ink at your disposal!

Swim Watch Counts Your Laps Automatically

July 6, 2009

To you help focusing on the effort rather than monitoring it, Swimovate (British company) came up with Pool-Mate watch. This is the first automatic swimming laps counter. According to Swimovate “It will work with all major strokes, all abilities of swimmer and all sizes of pool” Read the rest of this entry »

Speech-to-Speech Voice Translator developed for iPhone and Blackberry

July 4, 2009

The software was developed by Sakhr, translation Software Company. This version of English/Arabic translator in considered a demo for iPhone and Blackberry clients.

Just came to know that Sakhr biggest clients are the U.S Department of Defense and Homeland Security.

Source Gizmodo