Zahr El Laymoun: Review

July 26, 2009
Zahr El-laymoun

Zahr El-laymoun

Since the opening of 360 mall we were trying to find good time to try this new Lebanese restaurant. Zahr El Laymoun is oriental kitchen and grill café that offers simple grilled, baked and healthy Lebanese cuisine.

I really liked the restaurant concept of providing nice calm simple interior along with lots of healthy items that could satisfy variety of choices.

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Uom Kalsum (أم كلثوم) Museum at Kuwait 360Mall

July 25, 2009

The Legand
Uom Kalsum (أم كلثوم) AKA “The Star of the East” and “The Fourth Pyramid” is acknowledged as one of world’s talented artist (singer and actor) she had two birthdates: one according to historians in 1898, and the official birth certificate 1904 in Egypt and died in 1975.

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Grilled CheeseCake Sandwich: Recipe

July 24, 2009


I saw this recipe on the internet, but I have been hesitated to make it since it is loads of calories plus could have strange taste.

Finally, I decided to give it a try. It tasted way better than what I expected, but it was heavy; so don’t eat too much of it. It is really good as a lazy guy dessert 🙂

Follow is the recipe

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Phuket In Arabic (Alrai Newspaper)

July 22, 2009


This has to be stopped … I’m sure it was a mistake anyway. When pronouncing the word Phuket as spelled it sounds as the F word. Unfortunately in Alrai newspaper (page 52) of July 20th, they wrote this word in Arabic as spelled in English!

What made me wrote about this issue that I’ve been noticing a lots of similar mistakes lately (check Ansam’s post) . Some which had relation to how some writers and journalist ignorant in the words and terms of the new generations.

Fooling around (how to kill yourself) Must see!!

July 22, 2009

[Watch on YouTube]

Huh!! These two in the clip are way beyond crazy

Please read the logo’s. What’s the diffrence?

July 21, 2009


Humm does anybody know when Hassan’s Optics and Harrods first started? One of them is fond of the other 😀

Samsung LED TV’s

July 21, 2009

For the first time I experienced the LED TV technology and saw how it feels. I found these Samsung LED TV’s at the Géant hypermarket at the 360 Mall they had a blue ray device connected to play and show the capabilities of LEB TV with blue ray technology. It felt like I can tough the thing showing on the screen.

46 inch KD 933

46 inch KD 93340 inch KD 763

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