Cinescape “Kuwait Pro Evoluation Cup” finals full coverage and behind the scenes

July 20, 2009

Play to win
Yesterday Cinescape competition “Kuwait Pro Evaluation Cup” finished with an AMAZING performance from the final 8 who qualified to the final round.
The competition was held from 28 June to 19 July 20, 2009 played at 4 cinema theaters Marina, Fanar, Sharqiyah and The Avenues were the final was played.
The first prize winner (Mr. Mansur Al-Faraj 24 years old) received a flight ticket to France to enter football match (sweet)
I thought I was the perfect play station winning 11 player Ha! Compered to thoughts guys I’m not even good, thank God I didn’t enter the competition or I would be so humiliated by 10 year olds!
Here are some pictures of the event with behind the scenes video

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