Amazing Goat (O_o)

July 30, 2009

A friend sent me this clip; when I first saw it I was baffled: Huh, How, What!
But if you look closely at the end of the clip I think the Goat is walking a wooden plank. Still I think it’s very amazing.

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“Colin” A $70 Zombie Movie on The Big Screens

July 29, 2009

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“Colin” is a zombie movie shot in a camcorder with total budget less a set of DVDs! The director is British, Marc Price, who said his movie will get its own DVD plus playing on theaters for Halloween.

How $70! He managed to get volunteers actors from face book. Borrowed and self taught makeup and special effects … Still free! The $70 was spent on “a crowbar and a couple of tapes, and some tea and coffee — just to keep the zombies happy.” Price said


Free Gun (AK47) With Every Car (US Car Dealer)

July 26, 2009

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A US car dealer is offering a free AK47 riffle with every car purchased as way of attraction.

I really wonder what cars dealers could possibility offer Kuwaiti customers as attraction… !

[Al-Jazeera English]

Fooling around (how to kill yourself) Must see!!

July 22, 2009

[Watch on YouTube]

Huh!! These two in the clip are way beyond crazy

Modern Toilet Restaurant (Taiwan)

July 16, 2009


[Watch on YouTube]

I know its weekend and did not want to disgust you, so I listed some of the good pictures. For more pictures check [Fun Ever]

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So you think you can dance/drive

July 13, 2009

Get a load of this amazing driver it’s like he’s dancing with these two girls … look how close he come to their feet Yawza!


Bizarre car accident in Kuwait!!! WAW – must see

July 9, 2009

Kuwait is famous for its crazy drivers and strange accidents but this one I don’t know what to call.

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