The Crêpe café; Restaurant review

the Crepe cafe
The Crêpe café it’s so famous I don’t know should I post about it or not. I go to the café from time to time they are the only place in Kuwait that makes Crêpe that gives you the feeling that you are actually in France, but I got to know that The Crêpe café is an Australian franchise.
Array Branch
I like the staff there, one of the waitresses speaks Japanese and of course the food is so delicious.
I was introduced to the Co-owner Mr. Abdulaziz Al-Enezi and he was kind enough to give us an offer on such short notes.
You can get 1 free Farm House Crêpe with your order if you mention that you go to know The Crêpe café from our blog special thanks to Mr. Abdulaziz. offer only for Avenues Mall 22597673 and Arraya Center 22997947 branches. Offer ends at the begin of the holy month of Ramadan inshallah

Farmhouse Crepe
We wish you a nice time at The Crêpe café “Bo appétit!” 🙂

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  1. khalid18881 says:

    I hade a wonderful experience with my wife at the restaurant. :)Loved the food and the presentation was perfect it was really cozy and quiet and thanks for the offer. 😉 I will definitely come back

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