Ask Labeeba :) (demander Labeeba)

June 12, 2009

When I was 7 years old – if I remember exactly – just like 7 year olds I was addicted to cartoons one of the best I used to watch was Ask Labeeba اسالو لبيبه  it was an Arabic translated Japanese cartoon to educate children. It really had a good effect on my future and success in my education.

There is also a French version see all the clips (Arabic beginning, Arabic ending and French beginning)

Please if anyone know where it’s sold or have some copies of the series let me know please please.

Update: Thanks for our friend MorningGlory he/she provided a site the you can download 50 Ask Labeeba episods. here is the link:


Cold Stone Ice Cream

June 12, 2009


Yesterday in Avenues, we stopped by cold stone to give it a try. Personally, I’m not a fan of cold stone back in the US; I used to prefer local ice cream places. But I heard that they have some nice flavors. Unfortunately, Kuwait branch did not have my personal favorite, lemon custard.

We tried Coffee sitting on waffle cone and mango! I do not recommend the mango as it tested like cheap mango juice. But the coffee was nice; especially the waffle cone was freshly baked when I was there.

Next time will try to more flavors 🙂

PQ New Menu

June 12, 2009


Just passed by PQ Marina for breakfast this week and found that they just started new menu this last Sunday. They’re offering verity of mouth watering choices suited all type meals and diets. Plus, when going with PQ breakfast item, you get choose from many new pastries line.

Also, noticed that they have seafood chowder soup that could be served in bread bowl (It’s just good memory of San Francisco)